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Welcome to the Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School Message Forum.

The message forum is intended to be an ongoing dialogue between classmates. There are no items, topics, subtopics that are off limits; as we hope to promoted open conversation. Forums work when we participate, so don't be bashful! Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.

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04/10/11 10:35 AM #1    


Stephanie Dillon (Hamm)

Hello Bishop McGuinness Friends and Family!

Hello Bishop McGuinness Friends and Family!
At the invitation of Jim Kelley I am letting you know about a project that Bill and I have been involved in over the past two years – Hope, Steps & A Cure Walks for the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc., www.AAMDS.org.  This is the foundation that helped us through the illness and death of our oldest son, Garrett. Garrett was adopted and of mixed heritage, Thai and American, which always makes immune disorders that much harder to deal with.
Jim generously donated to our walk in San Antonio and we wanted to let you know about the walk in LA on Saturday, April 30th, 9:00 am registration, 10:00 program starts, at Shoreline Village in Long Beach, 429 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA. You can join us in person for $25.00 or you can be a virtual walker for the same $25.00. You can put your own team together and get friends and family help you raise $100 - $200 - $250 for AAMDS.
On-line Registration and Walk Information: www.AAMDS.org/LosAngeles2011Walk
Hope, Steps & A Cure is on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/hopesteps.curecalifornia
Sincerest thanks!

Stephanie and Bill Hamm

04/12/11 02:36 PM #2    


Tom Walker

Thanks for sharing this invitation with us, Stephanie, and thank you to Jim for making the suggestion. I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child. Even if he didn't have his father's good looks and loving demeanor (which I see in Garrett's face), Dillon, being the 1st grandchild, would have been automatically handsome! I'm sure that he's high-powered salve for your wounded heart, and happy for you that he carries your name.

10/08/12 11:19 AM #3    


Stephanie Dillon (Hamm)

I just want to extend once more a big thank you to everyone who made the 50th Reunion for the Class of 62 so special: Tom Walker with his updates and oversight of the web site, Jim Kelley and his side-kick Sue who worked hours on the scheduling and all of the particulars, and of course Frank Shidler and his friends Judy - Frank set the bar a long time ago.  I am sure that there are many others that I am missing - but just wanted to make sure I did not let weeks and months pass without saying "Thank You!"


Stephanie - and Bill Hamm

10/08/12 12:40 PM #4    

Jim Kelley

Thanks, Stephanie, and thanks to Bill, your long-suffering "Spousal Unit". It was a very satisfying experience for Sue and me-----and I hope for many of our 'mates. The number one complaint:  THE NAMES ON THE NAME TAGS WERE NOT IN BIG ENOUGH PRINT. Also, my nickname used to be "Big Kahuna"----but I am now being called "The Wedding Planner". Yikes.

10/12/12 05:16 PM #5    

Stephanie O'Brien (Brownell)

To Cap, to Tom, and to Jim,

Thank you all so much for working so hard on the reunion, and making it so nice for all of us to enjoy. It was so nice to see everyone that made the effort to come, and so sorry more of our classmates were not able to attend. school was never my favorite thing in life, but I never miss a reunion, and I am so glad to always be a part of the festivities. I hope everyone left with a "warm fuzzy" as I did, because it was really so much fun. Thank you Janet, as well, for helping Jim find some of the classmates. Hopefully we can do this all again long before another 10 years go by. It was a great reunion, thank you all, again, for all the effort each of you put into making it a wonderful get together.

Stephanie and Jim Brownell 

10/12/12 06:00 PM #6    

Jim Kelley

A quick personal note of thanks to Janet Peschl Acosta for her efforts is assisting me in locating and contacting long lost classmates. Janet was able to locate at least a half a dozen of those on the "missing" list.  Jim Kelley

10/15/12 08:16 PM #7    

Jim Kelley

A great deal of thanks should be given to Joe Kernke and his staff at Smith & Kernke Funeral Home for assistance and technical support in the preparation of the 18 minute Rosary Schools Days video. 

07/07/13 11:46 PM #8    


Stephanie Dillon (Hamm)

Don't know if this is the place to post this but thank you so much for the story from Judy Lindhardt Quinn and Bob about Mary Sue Dixon. 

Please let us know if there are any arrangements and /or memorial funds.


Thank you, Jim!


11/19/13 08:06 AM #9    


Tom Walker

November 22, 1963, was a memorable and defining moment for much of the world. We thought it might be interesting to hear from our classmates about where they were and what transpired when they received the news that JFK had been shot. Where were you on that fateful day and what were you doing? How were you feeling? Who were you with that day? Please post a response here with any thoughts or feelings that you'd like to convey. Thank you!

November 21, 1963 (Thursday)

Died: Robert Stroud, 73, American prisoner known as "Birdman of Alcatraz”


NOVEMBER 22, 1963 (Friday)

The Beatles' second U.K. album, With The Beatles, is released


Assassination of John F. Kennedy: In Dallas, Texas, United States President John F. Kennedy, 46, is assassinated, Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded, and Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes the 36th President. All television coverage for the next four days is devoted to the assassination, its aftermath, the procession of the horse drawn casket to the Capitol Rotunda, and the funeral of President Kennedy. Stores and businesses shut down for the entire weekend and Monday, in tribute.


Died: Aldous Huxley, 69, English novelist; C. S. Lewis, 64, Irish novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian and Christian apologist


November 23, 1963 (Saturday)

John Kilbride, 12, is abducted by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady in Great Britain.

The first episode of the BBC television series Doctor Who is broadcast in the UK. Because of the worldwide attention focused on the previous day's events, the episode is repeated the following week.

The Golden Age Nursing Home fire kills 63 elderly people near Fitchville, Ohio.


11/19/13 09:07 AM #10    

Chris Sprehe

I was in my dorm at Rockhurst, preparing for a Thanksgiving trip with a college roomate, and for the next 10 hours, driving through Kansas, on the way to Denver, all we heard on the radio was news of the day "the music died".  Remember sitting in my friend's livingroom that Saturday morning, and watching Ruby shoot Oswald, live on TV!


Chris Sprehe

11/19/13 09:25 AM #11    

Rosemary Tener (Donnell)

Re: memories of 11-22-63 and following days

I was in my second year of nursing school at St. Anthony's in OKC and had just finished a morning shift on the difficult, charity ward known as "3 Center."  All of the student nurses in my class, who had worked that morning, were heading for the conference room to discuss the morning with our preceptor before going to lunch and then to afternoon classes.  My roommate came toward me and very calmly said, "Did you hear the president has been shot?"  (Being in OKC, guess we got very early reports.) Probably because she was so calm and because the reality of the situation seemed impossible, my response was, "So what's the punch line?"  After she convinced me it wasn't a joke, I don't recall much--as for all of us it was shocking. We did go into the conference room but mainly to process what had just happened, not our clinical morning.  (By then he had been pronounced dead.) Somewhere right after I learned he had died, I do briefly recall thinking something that doesn't get mentioned much these days.  In the buildup to the president's visit to TX, there had been a lot of hateful publicity about the president's visit from some areas in TX. So at some point, I had the thought, "Why did he have to go to Texas?  Didn't he know how dangerous it was for him?"  I also remember being at home that weekend watching TV with my mom.  I had just started into the kitchen to fix my breakfast  and turned back to the TV just at the moment Oswald was killed.  In some ways that was more shocking since it happened live, on national television.   It's so hard to believe it's been 50 years.  

Thanks for listening, Rosemary Tener Donnell

11/19/13 10:01 AM #12    

Bob Luetkemeyer

It was a typical cold, dark November day in South Bend.  I was in class when the news broke, class was dismissed and a surreal feeling gripped the campus.  It was a very sad day.

Bob Luetkemeyer

11/19/13 10:19 AM #13    

Grayson Van Horn

I was  a sophomore at OU, and I heard the news outside the student union.  Shock was the general feeling on the campus.  I had a job, and I had to go on to work that day, but no one was buying anything at the men's clothing store where I worked.  The atmosphere was somber, as everyone realized that a great tragedy had occured.  We had lost a great spokesman for and leader of the USA.

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